Friday, March 16, 2018

Eleven Guidelines for Chaplains

During the recent FCA Collegiate Conference in Atlanta, Georgia we heard a presentation from the Alliance Defending Freedom ( titled, Eleven Guidelines for Chaplains. It was directed toward those among us who serve on public school campuses in the USA. I hope these notes are of value to you and your ministry.

Eleven Guidelines for Chaplains
1.   The US Constitution permits and sometimes requires chaplains be available to serve.
2.   The Law does not require schools to have a chaplain from every religion.
3.   A public university cannot prefer one religion over another.
4.   We should use neutral criteria to select chaplains.
5.   Any religious activities must be voluntary. No punishments, rewards, or stigmas may be used for those who do not attend.
6.   Chaplains do not serve two masters. Avoid dual employee status.
7.   No monopolies. FCA is not the sole supplier of chaplains.
8.   Be careful about proselytizing or witnessing on public school campuses.
a.   Be careful with evangelism.
b.   Tie evangelistic activities to student-athlete led activities.
9.   Serve all students of any faith (connecting them to others as needed).
10.  Have secular and religious duties, but no authority over students.
11.  Accept benefits if offered, but do not insist upon them. Do not make demands.

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