Friday, July 27, 2012

Sport Chaplains at the Olympic Games

Today marks the official beginning of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London with the Opening Ceremony this evening. Among the thousands of people in the Olympic Village throughout the event is a collection of our colleagues from around the globe. There are sports chaplains, carefully selected from a wide variety of ethnic, national and sport backgrounds, speaking many different languages and from both genders, who are officially recognized by the London Organizing Committee and provided uniforms and credentials. They work through the Olympic Village’s Religious Services Center and have already been in London for over a week. They will also stay beyond the Olympic Games to serve in the Paralympic Games.

Please pray for these, our colleagues and fellow-servants, as they serve our Lord and the people in sport in these days of exhilarating triumph, painful defeat and even crippling despair. Some of these people were themselves Olympic competitors in past years and are thereby uniquely qualified to speak to the hearts of competitors, coaches and support staff.

Solomon Gacece (Kenya)

Xavier Bharath (India)

Koffi ‘Magloire’ Pilabana (Togo)

Karen Zando (USA)

Silas Ngong (Cameroon)

Kjell Marksett (Norway)

Ashley Null (USA)

Nett Knox (Australia)

Ingrid Loya (Mexico)

Ross Georgiou (New Zealand)

Ruben Fernandez (Spain)

Madeline Manning Mims (USA)

Bettina Schellenberger (Germany)

Alex Ribeiro (Brazil)

Carl Dambman (Russia)

Cristobel Chamale (Guatamala)

Johnny Yiu (Hong Kong China)

Paul Kobylarz (USA)

Armenio Anjos (Portugal)

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