Thursday, June 26, 2008

Devotion / Chapel Talk Writing Process Outline

1) Study and pray
a. Devotional reading
b. Personal study of Scripture
c. Sport related books and periodicals
d. See the sport related situations in Bible texts
i. Game-day situations in competition
ii. Player to player relationship dynamics
iii. Player / coach relationship dynamics
iv. Leadership issues
v. Pain / injury / loss / isolation
vi. Victory / passion / excitement / community
vii. Teamwork vs. individualism
viii. Work ethic / sacrifice
ix. Respect for coaches, teammates, opponents, officials
x. Personal development
e. Identify particular texts and their sport related “front doors.”
f. Simply outline scriptural applications of the scripture to the sport situations.
2) Write and pray
a. Develop a question or a series of questions related to the “front door” which will help the reader to recall an experience from his/her life in sport.
b. Within the opening paragraph, write a sentence which builds a bridge from the sport situation in the chosen text of scripture to the “front door” situation which it illustrates.
c. In a new paragraph, insert the Bible text in quotes and then paraphrase it in sport vernacular if it seems necessary or helpful.
d. In a new paragraph, insert the simple outline of application points directly to the sport situation.
e. Summarize in a final paragraph including a suggestion for prayer.
3) Notes
a. Write in light of your readers and their particular sport culture.
b. Write with a clear understanding of the mode of delivery. (Will this be read privately, read out loud or delivered by a speaker?)
c. Communicate respect and passion for the sport as well as for the scripture. Help them love God and compete greatly.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

2008 Chaplain’s Roundtable Update

The Chaplain’s Roundtable Ministry desires to encourage, train and provide networking opportunities for sports chaplains and sports ministry leaders. This is accomplished through one day annual conferences featuring workshops, panel discussions, resource materials and of course, prayer.

Good Afternoon,
Information regarding the 2008 Chaplain’s Roundtables is coming fast and furious these days! Here’s the latest…
· The Charlotte Roundtable is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15th at Joe Gibbs Racing. Our thanks to Bob Dyar, chaplain with JGR for helping us secure this wonderful facility.
· The Indianapolis Roundtable is slated for Tuesday, November 11th at the Indy Motor Speedway. Bob Hills, chaplain with the Indy Racing League always does a wonderful job in helping coordinate this event.
· The Lansing Roundtable will be held at South Church in Lansing, Michigan on Tuesday, December 2nd. Marilyn Oldham with the South Church staff always coordinates a first class day for us.

Speakers include Ron Pegram with ST Motorsports, Bob Hills of the Indy Racing League, Kathy Malone of the WNBA’s Indiana Fever, Robby Richardson-son of former Yankee great Bobby Richardson and Mike Hurn of the Arena Football League’s Chicago Rush.

Note: Be sure and check out the website for specific speakers at each location

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the website for 2008 registrations. In the meantime, if you would like to register early, simply hit reply on this email and let me know which event(s) you will be attending. Also, don’t forget to invite other sports chaplain’s and sports ministry leaders you know about who would benefit from a Chaplain’s Roundtable.

Have a great summer! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By His Grace,
Bill Houston
Sports Spectrum Radio
Chaplain’s Roundtable Ministry
616-974-2583-office #

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chapel – Discipline

1 – Today’s characteristic of Successful People and Successful Teams is
· To achieve the success we all want, we will have to grow increasingly more disciplined.
· To be well disciplined is to be self-controlled in all areas of one’s life.

2 – I Corinthians 9:24-25 gives us a strong understanding of a life of
discipline (read the text).
· They all run, but only one is the winner. ½ of all teams who compete today will lose.
· Many coaches say, “There is a winner and a loser on every play of the game.”
· “Compete in such a way as to win.” The Apostle makes no apology for this statement.
· Competitors exercise self-control in ALL things.
Physical discipline – Technique, effort, skill – all are under your control.
Mental discipline – Strategy, assignments, responsibilities, knowledge of the sport – all are under your control.
Emotional discipline – Not too high, not too low. Not overcome by elation or disappointment. Not overly subject to momentum shifts. All this is under your control.

3 – The rewards of discipline.
· There are both short-term and long-term rewards.
The ability to both compete successfully and live successfully comes from a disciplined life.
Living a disciplined life builds trust among one’s teammates and among one’s family, friends and colleagues.
As you live a disciplined lifestyle, your game and your team will consistently grow. Your whole life will also consistently grow as you live in a self-controlled manner.

4 – Today’s challenge.
· Compete to win. No apologies, no excuses.
· Exercise self-control in all things.
Be physically under control.
Be mentally under control.
Be emotionally under control.
· Exercise discipline and we will reap both the short-term and long-term rewards of self-control.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Leadership Lessons from Jesus of Nazareth

Mark 10:41-45

Mark 10:43
· Who are some GREAT leaders that come to your mind? (3 names)
o Add some quotes from great leaders in history or sport…

· What are some characteristics of such leaders?

· List the names of three GREAT leaders from your sport experience.
o (What made them GREAT leaders?)

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-43)

· What were the defining marks of the Gentile leaders and their high officials? (Lording it over and exercising authority – power plays.)
o Who would the people be to whom He’s referring? (Roman troops.)
o Jesus says, “Not so with you.”

· Instead, what does Christ say is the defining mark of greatness in leadership? Being your servant. (Serving those on your team.)
o Who is on your team (can you see their faces)?
o In what ways do you / can you lead them by serving them? (Let’s make a list…)

Mark 10:44
· Who are some PREEMINENT leaders from history? (3 names)
o Alexander the Great
o Moses
o Napoleon Bonaparte
o George Washington (USA)

· What were the qualities that made them the first among their peers?

· List the TOP THREE leaders from your sport experience.
o (What put them at the top of your list?)

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-44)

· If leadership greatness is defined by serving our teammates, what does Jesus say is the mark of being FIRST among leaders? (Being slave to all.)
o Who was on Jesus’ list of being slave to all? (Let’s make a list… Judas is on that list!)
o Who is included in your list of ALL? (FCA teammates, family, donors, church family… Whiny people, complainers, second-guessers, people who get on your nerves, all…)

· What kinds of situations allow you to demonstrate this Slave to All level of leadership?

Mark 10:45
· List the names of three CHRIST-LIKE leaders you’ve known personally.

· Who are some CHRIST-LIKE leaders from your sport experience?

· What about each of them is a CHRIST-LIKE quality?

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-45)

· If service to our team is the measure of greatness in a leader and being the slave to all is the mark of being a preeminent leader, what does it take to be a leader like the Son of Man? (Service and Sacrifice)
o Why would Jesus speak of Himself in third person here?
o Why would He prefer to serve than to be served?
o What is a ransom? (Price paid to free someone from slavery.)

· What sorts of things do you regularly sacrifice that free the people you lead?
o Preferences
o Pride
o Privilege
o Convenience
o Time
o Efficiency
o Style
o Form

· Here’s the final challenge – in your leadership do you want to be great, to be first or to be like the Son of Man?