Friday, April 12, 2019

Conference Calls / Podcasts / 2019-2020

In November of 2016 we began hosting monthly conference calls for my colleagues serving as sports chaplains and character coaches. I was very pleased with the quality of our guests, the wisdom shared among our teammates, and the reception we experienced from around the USA and even abroad. In May of 2018 we began recording the calls and posting them as podcasts. We have learned, slowly, about how to do these more effectively and in a way that is most responsive to our colleagues.

The graphic below shows the blog posts most strongly visited in the last thirty days. Some are written entries and others are podcast recordings. It is my intention to continue to host these podcasts and to interview some of the leading character coaches and sports chaplains from around the USA and the world.

I would welcome your input for shaping the upcoming podcasts. Please reply via email to if you would like to be, or would suggest someone, as a guest panelist for one of the podcasts listed below. I’ll be gathering names and information for the first three calls during the spring and summer.

These are the proposed topics for the next eleven monthly podcasts. An informal survey via SMS messages indicated strong interest and some volunteered to participate.

·        Serving in College / HS Soccer (Football)  –July, 2019
·        Serving in College Football (American Football) – August, 2019
·        Serving in High School Football (American Football)  - September, 2019
·        Serving in Professional Football (American Football) - October, 2019
·        Serving in College Basketball – November, 2019
·        Serving in HS Basketball - December, 2019
·        Serving in College / HS Wrestling – January, 2020
·        Serving in College / HS Baseball - February, 2020
·        Serving in College / HS Softball - March, 2020
·        Serving in Professional Baseball - April, 2020
·        Serving in Professional Softball - May, 2020

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Topics, Issues, and Guests for a New Season of Podcasts

For the last few years I have hosted monthly conference calls, those of the last 8 months now posted as podcasts. 

As I begin to contemplate another set of 8, I’d like to hear your thoughts for topics, issues, or guests to include. Please reply with your thoughts by emailing

Below is one of the graphics from the past year’s podcasts. Thanks.