Friday, June 8, 2018

Summer Vacation (Holiday)

It’s only 8 June, but it’s already been a big summer. I just returned from 14 days in Eurasia where we served with our F.C.A. Eurasia teammates, AIA legend Carl Dambman, 100 other Eurasian sports ministry leaders, and about 30 people gathered for a Sports Chaplaincy School in Kyiv, Ukraine. It was a great trip.

Given the full calendar of activities over the next weeks, I will hit the pause button on these emails until sometime in August. I have a couple of weeks of vacation to use for travel and family activities, plus three more F.C.A. Power Camps in our area.

By way of preview, I am incubating thought on these notes that will come up in August and beyond:
  • A Sports Chaplain personal development plan.
  • A report on the Sports Chaplaincy United Kingdom conference in Bradford, England.
  • A discussion of Christian discipleship processes and resources.
  • A promotional note about the monthly sports chaplain conference calls.
  •  A promotional note about Cede Network videos on YouTube.

Have a wonderful summer. I intend to invest time, talent, and treasure in family and friends during these next weeks. Love to all.