Friday, July 11, 2014

From whom do you best learn? - Your replies...

A couple of weeks ago I asked you the following questions - From whom do you best learn? How do you best develop intellectually? What media best communicate with you? What environments best enhance your personal development?

Some of our colleagues have replied and their thoughts are below. I hope their experiences and comments inform your intellectual development process and I hope that process continues throughout your lifetime.

From Gerard Deonarine in Trinidad and Tobago -
Response: I learn best from persons with whom I share a coach / (I prefer to use this word rather than mentor) protégé relationship. My intellectual development is stimulated by reading industry related books and magazines and by participating in specific webinars. Most print and some electronic media communicate with me. LinkedIn is the only social media that resonates with me. Small groups where honest and open dialogue is fostered, enhances my personal development.

Gerard Deonarine - Chief Operating Officer - Sports Chaplaincy Caribbean

From Stuart Weir in England -
My top three would be:
1. Books
2. Websites
3. Colleagues
My Number 1 may reflect my generation.  A real book not a kindle or ebook!!

J Stuart Weir - Executive Director  - Verite Sport

From Sylvia Tam in Hong Kong -
Church services
Small groups
Educational institutions
MS TAM 譚姑娘

From P. Peter Jung in Hong Kong -
I had a big season from Pocast to learn and got inspired to live for God...
then slowly I went to a season of reading books and got inspired then movies and small groups...
So I don’t have one particular way to learn, but it’s definitely seasonal...
P. Peter Jung
Ptr ICA Generations

From Father Brian Cavanaugh in Ohio, USA -
Here's my list in order:
Audio tapes (for us old-timers who still listen to cassettes)
Periodicals (magazines / journals)
Movies (cinema)

Church services

Fr. Brian, TOR

Now my own thoughts –
·        I read books and gather a great deal of inspiration, challenge, and intellectual stimulation from them. I prefer paper books to ebooks, but do read a good deal in my nook.
·        I find that I learn best in small group environments and therefore engage in as many as I can.
·        I am greatly indebted to a number of mentors in my life. Occasional face to face meetings and regular correspondence via email and text messages catalyze growth in my life.
·        I love conferences because of the intense nature of the learning environment and the networking that takes place between the formal sessions.