Friday, June 6, 2008

Leadership Lessons from Jesus of Nazareth

Mark 10:41-45

Mark 10:43
· Who are some GREAT leaders that come to your mind? (3 names)
o Add some quotes from great leaders in history or sport…

· What are some characteristics of such leaders?

· List the names of three GREAT leaders from your sport experience.
o (What made them GREAT leaders?)

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-43)

· What were the defining marks of the Gentile leaders and their high officials? (Lording it over and exercising authority – power plays.)
o Who would the people be to whom He’s referring? (Roman troops.)
o Jesus says, “Not so with you.”

· Instead, what does Christ say is the defining mark of greatness in leadership? Being your servant. (Serving those on your team.)
o Who is on your team (can you see their faces)?
o In what ways do you / can you lead them by serving them? (Let’s make a list…)

Mark 10:44
· Who are some PREEMINENT leaders from history? (3 names)
o Alexander the Great
o Moses
o Napoleon Bonaparte
o George Washington (USA)

· What were the qualities that made them the first among their peers?

· List the TOP THREE leaders from your sport experience.
o (What put them at the top of your list?)

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-44)

· If leadership greatness is defined by serving our teammates, what does Jesus say is the mark of being FIRST among leaders? (Being slave to all.)
o Who was on Jesus’ list of being slave to all? (Let’s make a list… Judas is on that list!)
o Who is included in your list of ALL? (FCA teammates, family, donors, church family… Whiny people, complainers, second-guessers, people who get on your nerves, all…)

· What kinds of situations allow you to demonstrate this Slave to All level of leadership?

Mark 10:45
· List the names of three CHRIST-LIKE leaders you’ve known personally.

· Who are some CHRIST-LIKE leaders from your sport experience?

· What about each of them is a CHRIST-LIKE quality?

· Read the text (Mark 10:41-45)

· If service to our team is the measure of greatness in a leader and being the slave to all is the mark of being a preeminent leader, what does it take to be a leader like the Son of Man? (Service and Sacrifice)
o Why would Jesus speak of Himself in third person here?
o Why would He prefer to serve than to be served?
o What is a ransom? (Price paid to free someone from slavery.)

· What sorts of things do you regularly sacrifice that free the people you lead?
o Preferences
o Pride
o Privilege
o Convenience
o Time
o Efficiency
o Style
o Form

· Here’s the final challenge – in your leadership do you want to be great, to be first or to be like the Son of Man?

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