Thursday, June 12, 2008

Chapel – Discipline

1 – Today’s characteristic of Successful People and Successful Teams is
· To achieve the success we all want, we will have to grow increasingly more disciplined.
· To be well disciplined is to be self-controlled in all areas of one’s life.

2 – I Corinthians 9:24-25 gives us a strong understanding of a life of
discipline (read the text).
· They all run, but only one is the winner. ½ of all teams who compete today will lose.
· Many coaches say, “There is a winner and a loser on every play of the game.”
· “Compete in such a way as to win.” The Apostle makes no apology for this statement.
· Competitors exercise self-control in ALL things.
Physical discipline – Technique, effort, skill – all are under your control.
Mental discipline – Strategy, assignments, responsibilities, knowledge of the sport – all are under your control.
Emotional discipline – Not too high, not too low. Not overcome by elation or disappointment. Not overly subject to momentum shifts. All this is under your control.

3 – The rewards of discipline.
· There are both short-term and long-term rewards.
The ability to both compete successfully and live successfully comes from a disciplined life.
Living a disciplined life builds trust among one’s teammates and among one’s family, friends and colleagues.
As you live a disciplined lifestyle, your game and your team will consistently grow. Your whole life will also consistently grow as you live in a self-controlled manner.

4 – Today’s challenge.
· Compete to win. No apologies, no excuses.
· Exercise self-control in all things.
Be physically under control.
Be mentally under control.
Be emotionally under control.
· Exercise discipline and we will reap both the short-term and long-term rewards of self-control.

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