Friday, September 19, 2014

Please join us in Prayer

Please join me in prayer for the very important meetings that will take place in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA next week. From Monday through Friday, a number of men and women from all around the world will be gathered at Traders Point Christian Church to gather, assemble, simplify, and prepare a set of training materials that will set a global standard for the most basic training for people to serve as Sport Chaplains.

This training material will be hosted on-line with a set of instructions (on pdf) to read, some on screen information to lead the process, and a video for each section which informs, inspires, and illustrates the written material.

A general outline for the materials is below. Please pray that we may present something that is worthy of Christ Jesus, is respectful of a wide spectrum of sport and cultural distinctions, and is easily understood from anywhere on the planet. Thanks.

Six one hour sessions of training material in these categories:
1.   Introduction / Profile of Sportspeople
2.   A Biblical Foundation for Sport Chaplain Ministry
3.   Profile of a Sport Chaplain / Code of Conduct for Sport Chaplains
4.   A Sport Chaplain’s Relationships, Attitudes, and Presence
5.   Serving as a Sport Chaplain in Critical Incidents and Crises

6.   A Sport Chaplain’s Strategies, Methods, Resources, and a Process for Beginning 

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