Friday, November 28, 2008

The Sounds of Sport

I love the sounds of sport. There are powerful echoes in my mind from decades of competition and playing my heart out.
I love the sound of….
· the crack of a baseball from a wooden bat, whistling into the outfield grass and thumping off the wall.
· the loud explosion from my racquetball racquet as it crushes the blue ball into the corner.
· the swish of a basketball as it drops through the nylon twine of the net.
· the crashing thud of shoulder pads and helmets as a linebacker collides with a running back in the A gap.
· the stillness of pre-game locker rooms as the players and coaches prepare for competition.
· the murmurs of a home crowd after their team has committed a game changing turnover. Especially if I’m with the visiting team.
· the off-key, lung straining, joyous singing of the team’s fight song in celebration of a hard fought victory.
· the endless string of clichés emanating from the dugout on a sunny afternoon at the baseball park.
I love these sounds because they are full of life and energy. As we play our hearts out, these sounds ring in our ears and carve deep memories in our souls. Let’s compete and listen to the sounds of life.

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