Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ministry with Coaches

Below are some notes from last week’s Serving the People of Sport Council meetings in Orlando Florida. These are some notes related to ministry with coaches. Check out the web site at

Ministry Ideas –
Develop relationships with them through:
· Visiting them at practices and/or in their offices.
· Attend their coaching conferences and conventions and serving them while there.
· Speaking with them at competitions, camps or tournaments.
· Hosting or attending a coaching clinic.
· Host a performance enhancement camp or clinic and invite area coaches to attend.
· Purchase and give books to them re: coaching, leadership, etc.
· Network sports equipment and other resources to their teams.
· Hold a Coaches and Parents meeting during a sport camp to help the parents learn about the game and to become familiar with the coaching staff.
· Personally mentor a coach re: a part of his or her life which the coach believes needs attention.
· Be a friend, confidant and sounding board for the coach.
· Host a Coach’s evening (social event with a brief talk) at a tournament.
· Host a Coaches and Spouses Appreciation event to honor area coaches and their spouses.
· Support the coach’s family – spouse and children.
· Help develop a support team for those who also carry lots of administrative duties.
· Help develop recognition for what they do as ministry and as mission within their church and local churches.
Challenges – Timing (on-season, off-season, vacations…) and resources (physical and financial).

Network Coaches –
Invite coaches from other countries to train in your city or with your team.
Send coaches to other regions of the world. They will need these qualities:
. Technical ability and a holistic approach to sport and faith
· Retired coaches are ideal for long-term assignments (1 month to 1 year).
· Active coaches are ideal for short-term assignments (1 week to 1 month).
· Get coaches together for coaching development in schools or universities.
· Challenges – Timing (on-season, off-season, vacations…) and finding the right people for each situation.

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