Friday, September 14, 2018

Discipleship Processes and Resources

During an Illinois (USA) FCA staff meeting one of our colleagues was asking about our best tools for developing the sportspeople we serve in developing Christian discipleship. We talked about specific books, videos, and other resources, but no one had a simple, clear, game plan for holistic Christian discipleship development.
Later in the day, I realized that I had been given such a tool by my mentor, Fred Bishop of No Greater Love Ministries, back in the 1980s. We who grew up in Fred’s ministry were well drilled in Pray, Study, Fellowship, and Witness. For our use in FCA, I have updated the language a little for a more secularized audience, and have shaped these timeless spiritual disciplines into a two page document with lots of flexibility for anyone to insert his or her favorite resources into the process.

The premise is simple. We have a vertical relationship with our Lord through prayer and study. We have a horizontal relationship with other people through Christian community with other believers, and sharing our faith with those not yet committed to Christ. The stronger our vertical relationship is, the greater shadow it casts in the world. If our relationship with the Lord is weakened, our influence with those around us is diminished.

The first page simply serves as a road map, asking where shall we begin the process of development. The second page offers processes and resources for growth as a follower of Christ Jesus. One can insert his or her favorite resources into the processes as they fit.

I hope this simple form is of value to you and to those whom you serve.