Friday, April 20, 2018

Sports Chaplaincy 101 Videos

Our friends and colleagues at Cede Network (@CedeNetwork have uploaded a series of excellent, brief (most around two minutes), videos titled, Sports Chaplaincy 101. Each of the videos addresses one of a wide variety of subjects like: What is the origin of chaplaincy? What is the process of becoming a sports chaplain? How do I serve an injured player? How do I serve as a chaplain to an individual athlete? What is the role of a chaplain in a multicultural setting? How do you walk with a player through bereavement? How should I collaborate with other chaplains and field professionals?

Please take a few minutes to browse through these videos. I trust that some, or all, will enhance your service of sportspeople. There will surely be more uploaded in coming days. Thank you, Richard Gamble and Cede Network.

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