Saturday, January 27, 2018

What can an FCA Chaplain/Character Coach do for me?

During the recently concluded FCA Collegiate Ministries conference in Atlanta, Georgia we received the document below. It was provided by our greatly esteemed colleague and friend, Marla Butterworth. Marla adapted a document she had previously used in her chaplaincy service with the US Navy. She now serves with the US Air Force as a chaplain. I have adapted the document to include information peculiar to my service of the sporting community in my area of the USA. Marla is a gift to our global network through her insight, passion, and generous spirit.

What can an FCA Chaplain/Character Coach do for me?
Provide, Facilitate, Care, Advise in formal and informal ways.

Provide. (for those of the same faith)
·        Team / small group / staff Bible Study
·        Prayer
·        Chapel service on Sunday
·        Pre-game chapel
·        Pray for, encourage, and exhort players, coaches, and support staff.
·        Facilitate any relationships desired with local churches.
·        Resource players and coaches with a desire for involvement with FCA beyond the campus with service projects, camps, retreats, etc.

Facilitate. (for others)
·        Be available to help connect personnel with any needs.

Care. (for all)
·        Assist with and/or resource for Team Building activities.
·        Provide resources and assist in character development, life management skills, and any needed counseling.
·        Be a Safe place- We don’t control playing time, job, or scholarship and will maintain strict confidentiality with the exception of someone doing harm to themselves or others.
·        Be available and develop relationships that allow for supporting players, coaches, and support staff.
·        Attend practice and/or games as well as periodic office visits to facilitate this availability.
·        Be available and equipped at all times to help in crisis situations.
·        Free Labor- an extra set of hands for menial tasks.
·        Advise (the coaching staff)
·        Be an objective outsider who can hopefully have the pulse of the program.
·        Pray for and serve the coaching and support staff in whatever way they need or desire.
·        Alert the coach to critical issues that could affect his or her program.

Above all.
The goal is to assist in a healthy program that graduates mature young people.  The manner is to serve at the pleasure of the Head Coach. The hope is to help create a family atmosphere within a competitive athletic arena.

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