Friday, January 15, 2016

The Competitor's Book of Prayer

During the summer of 2014, my wife and I were at an airport on the way to New Orleans for some vacation. As we sat at the airport I was thinking about how we encourage competitors, athletes and coaches, to pray about their lives in sport, but we seldom if ever give them any good models for such prayer. I was grieved by the situation and thought someone should do something about it. Since I was the one thinking about it, I determined I would give it a shot. I further thought, Jesus gave his disciples a model, why should we not? While at the airport that day I wrote about sixty situations in a sportsperson’s life when it would be most helpful to know how to pray. That began a process of contemplation, prayer, writing prayers in my phone, testing them with competitors via text message and on this blog, and through discussions with sports ministry colleagues, pastors, and friends.

That process and those 75+ prayers have now been released in book form. The Competitor’s Book of Prayer is now available through Cross Training Publishing at - as well as through and other booksellers. Cross Training Publishing offers discounts for sports ministry staff people and for bulk orders.

The Competitor’s Book of Prayer contains 160 pages of model prayers for a myriad of situations experienced by the people of sport. It also contains a page opposite each prayer for you to journal your use of that prayer. It is my prayer that these simple models provide a way to help the competitors you serve with ways to open their hearts to the Lord Jesus in prayer.

Here are some comments from people who saw draft versions of The Competitor’s Book of Prayer.

Richard Gamble
International Development Director
Sports Chaplaincy UK

“This book revitalises my daily prayer life! It's powerful, helps me refocus back to Jesus, is relevant in my daily spiritual battle, and finally it's contagious to encourage others to pray!”
Jung Ho Jung
Sports Chaplaincy Hong Kong

“In sport, as in life, communication is vital. The coach gives guidance and encouragement to his players. But the players must also grow this relationship through thanking, sharing and asking for help from the coach. While many books have been written for athletes to hear God’s Word (through Bible studies) few have addressed an athlete’s communication to the Divine Coach through prayer. Roger’s brilliant book fills the gap in this field of play. His book offers athletes, coaches and lovers of sport models/templates to praise the Creator of all (including sport), confessions, prayers for the game and training, and prayers for many situations athletes face. Roger does a God honouring job in helping the people of sport bring all of their lives, including sport, before our Heavenly Father.”
Cameron Butler | National Director
Sports Chaplaincy Australia

When the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, he did so by giving them a model prayer.  Roger Lipe has given athletes and coaches a range of model prayers for every athletic situation.  The book should be in every athlete's kit bag.”
Stuart Weir
Verité Sport

“In the heat of the sporting battle, it’s easy to lose sight of who we are - and, just as importantly, who we aren’t. And it’s good to be reminded of both. Drawing on his extensive experience as a sports chaplain, Roger Lipe has produced a book of prayer which provides a plethora of such reminders and in so doing will prove to be a wonderful companion to Christian sportsmen and women the world over for years to come.
Professor Andrew Parker
University of Gloucestershire – United Kingdom

"Straight forward. No frills. Honest.  When it comes to speaking God's truth into the competitive hearts of athletes, no one does it better than Roger Lipe."
Rev. Shane Bishop
Senior Pastor
Christ United Methodist Church – Fairview Heights, IL

The Competitor's Book of Prayer is an amazing resource for people trying to glorify Jesus through athletics. Roger has a unique insight on sport and faith and an incredible ability to coalesce the two.”
Mike McElroy
Defensive Coordinator
Concordia Univesity Football
St. Paul, Minnesota (USA)

“Roger Lipe, along with his wife, Sharon, are integral members of our football family’s leadership team.  Through their on-going commitment to our program, they provide nurturance and guidance to players and coaches well beyond the season.  Roger’s game day Chapel services and daily prayers remind us to model strength and perseverance, use our talents and abilities in glory to God, and remain grateful in all circumstances.”
Dale Lennon
Former Head Football Coach

Southern Illinois University (USA)