Friday, April 24, 2015

A Wonderful Surprise

On occasion, if we persevere, we receive a thank you or an “attaboy” from an unexpected source. If we serve faithfully, not forcefully, and serve in an intensely relational way, we are in position for such wonderful surprises. One such occasion rose for me earlier this week.

For the past three years, I have been serving the university baseball team in my community. My service mostly consists of going two hours prior to game time to speak casually with those who care to chat. I station myself right by the dugout at the edge of the seats as I have yet to be invited onto the field for batting practice. While there I always get a few moments to talk with the head coach, often with a couple of the assistants, and regularly with a number of the players. I send eighteen of the players text message prayers and sometimes scriptures on game days. I meet them for game day chapels three hours and fifteen minutes prior to game time, in the dugout, on home Sundays. For those chapels I bring a devotional thought on paper, in letter form, and I prepare a five minute talk from scripture that is both motivational and inspirational. Simple, brief, and in my estimation, with little depth.

To my surprise, I received the following text message from one of our pitchers on Monday morning. He and I have very little depth of relationship so I was stunned by his remarks.

“I apologize for not making it to Chapel...I look forward to it every home weekend and I did not get up early this day!

I truly do appreciate your support greatly and I most enjoy the guidance you give as it is through Jesus Christ!

Thanks so much for your love and I want you to know that on a personal level even though I may not have shown it you have helped me become a much better Christian and have assisted me through a tough personal situation I was in last year!

Thank you so very much Roger!

I was stunned at his remarks, but immeasurably gratified to receive them. Even on t
he days when I, or you, don’t perceive the impact of our service, the Lord Jesus is speaking , by His Spirit, to the hearts of those we serve. If we are careful to speak the truth of scripture and to prefer people over programs, we can have a depth of impact far beyond our perceptions.

May I challenge you to remain faithful? Do not stop short of consistent, faithful, service of the sportspeople in your charge. They are worth it and you may even receive a wonderful, soul-enriching surprise on occasion.

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