Monday, February 23, 2015

This is a tremendous season in the development of Sports Chaplaincy around the globe. We, the Sports Chaplaincy Table of the International Sports Coalition, have been working with our partners throughout the world on a basic, introductory course of training for sports chaplains. We have invested innumerable hours, lots of money, energy, airplane tickets, nights in hotels away from family, and more in the process.

We now have something to show you. Please log onto to access the training site.

This training site was created with these values in mind:
·        To set a global standard for comprehensive, but introductory sports chaplaincy training.
·        To make this an open source with no one ministry’s name or logo to indicate ownership.
·        We assume second language English speakers and readers.
·        We assume slow Internet speed.

We are greatly indebted to a great number of collaborators, too great a number to list here. Our team included people from Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong, Germany, USA, Sweden, England, and Canada. Churches, sports ministries, sports chaplaincy ministries, and individuals all contributed to the project, through writing, financing, consultation, via video, website development, and other ways. We are thankful to each and all.

We hope you will take a look at the site, that you will use it with those you encounter who are investigating service as a sports chaplain, and that you may even use it as a part of your sports chaplaincy training. If your ministry or agency would like to be included in our list of referrals, please send me information and we would love to include you.

Thanks to everyone who contributed in any way to this remarkable development. If there had been something like this twenty years ago when I began to serve as a sports chaplain, I would have made far fewer mistakes and would have been more effective much earlier in my service. We pray this site catalyzes the development of this ministry around the world.

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