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Global Registry for Sports Chaplains - register today!

Even if you have registered in the past, please log on and register for this global network of sports chaplains. 

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It's Here...
CEDE Network 2.0!

The new Worldwide Sports Chaplains Registry is here! Now it’s easier than ever to connect with thousands of other isolated sports chaplains similar to you.


Get a FREE Copy of Joe Gibbs' Book
Game Plan for Life

Everyone who creates a profile by August 10 will receive a FREE copy of Coach Joe Gibbs’ book, Game Plan for Life.

New Features

The enhanced map will highlight other chaplains around you based off of your zip code and location.

New filters for profile searching. Find chaplains based off of sport, level of coaching, location and more. 

You can reach chaplains directly with email, but it will go through the Cede Network system to protect your email address.

Start Exploring
Get started with version 2.0 of our global registry today! Create a profile and discover how you can connect, share and learn with chaplains worldwide.


"I am so excited to witness the launch of the worldwide sports chaplains registry!
It will be so helpful and bring unity to the community of sports chaplains learning, growing, encouraging, networking and supporting each other. This is really a Kingdom approach to walk together for His glory."
Jung Ho Jung - Sports Chaplaincy Hong Kong

“Cede Sports have produced a great product called the Registry (CEDE NETWORK 2.0) to help support and signpost chaplains across the globe and we, Sports Chaplaincy UK are proud to support and partner with them.”
Warren Evans - Sports Chaplaincy United Kingdom

“The global sports chaplains register will be an amazing tool for connection, encouragement, and information available to chaplains everywhere. Some of us are privileged to be involved in national sports chaplaincy organisations which already allow us those opportunities, and the register will build on that. But for those chaplains serving in more isolated contexts – or serving sports people who compete internationally – the register can only be seen as a blessing from God to enhance their ministry, and offer them a sense of community within a global and growing movement.”
Steve Stubbings – Sports Chaplaincy Australia

“Cede Sports has done a wonderful service for the global body of sports chaplaincy by connecting us through this newest resource (Cede Network 2.0). We plan to utilize this resource heavily to discover new candidates to serve with Soccer Chaplains United and to resource our current chaplains as we see God growing our work in soccer throughout North America and beyond.”
Rev Brad Kenney - Soccer Chaplains United
“I’m very excited about the recent launch of the Global Sports Chaplain Registry. I’ve just begun to work with it and it’s so smooth and manageable. It can be a great resource for anyone working in the world of sport chaplaincy. I’m praying that God will use this tool to help accelerate the movement of chaplains who are helping to meet the spiritual needs of the athletes of our world. Check it out and I really believe you’ll be greatly blessed in your future ministry.” 
Reid Lamphere  -  Athletes in Action

“Cede Sports has been working in partnership with us to help see the GSCA purpose of all sports people from all nations to have access to a Christian Sports Chaplain. The Cede Network 2.0 Registry has taken a huge step in helping us all work to fulfilling that purpose as we look to demonstrate and share the love and mercy of Christ to the sports world!”
Ross Georgiou – Global Sports Chaplaincy Association

"The Cede Network global sports chaplain registry is a dream come true for many of us. For decades we have had to rely on our own personal networks to connect players or coaches who were transferring from place to place, from club to club, or from nation to nation with our sports chaplaincy colleagues. The global sports chaplaincy registry will make this process much smoother, quicker, and with solid security."
Roger Lipe - FCA

"What a superb tool to unite, connect and resource a movement across the globe. I believe that this registry will be a catalyst for growth enabling the global family of Sports Chaplaincy movements to serve more sports communities with excellent care and mentoring. Sports Chaplaincy South Africa is privileged to partner with CEDE in making this possible."
Bruce Nadin - National Director Sports Chaplaincy South Africa

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