Friday, July 29, 2016

Sport Chaplain / Character Coach Conference Calls

Another year of FCA Sports Chaplains / Character Coach conference calls will begin on Sunday August 7 at 8:00 pm CDT. These calls are open to anyone who serves as a sports chaplain or character coach, whether FCA staff or volunteer. Each call includes prayer, info on upcoming events re: sports chaplaincy, and an interview with a person who has been serving faithfully as a sports chaplain or character coach. Callers are also invited to ask direct questions of those being interviewed. The whole point is to provide a venue for networking and mentoring sports chaplains and character coaches with others serving in similar ways. These people are most often serving in high schools, colleges, or club teams, but occasionally are serving professional teams.

We are considering a second call per month for ministry staff people who would prefer a weekday call at a different time. These calls would include a wider network of our FCA colleagues from across the USA. Please reply with your suggestion of day and time if that interests you.

The calls are always less than an hour in duration and are totally free. Please join us and encourage the volunteers in your network to do the same. Below is a listing of the featured guests for the first three months.

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